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As per our Bylaws Concerning Terms in Office:


Election, Designation and Term of Office for Directors. In even calendar years, two (2) members shall be elected to the Board of Directors in a written ballot through the mail and/or email. In odd calendar years, three (3) members to the Board of Directors shall be elected in the same manner. A Director shall be limited to serving two (2) consecutive terms in any one (1) office on the Board of Directors. Board terms shall commence with the next meeting of the Board of Directors immediately following the annual election.

Term of office as an Officer of the Association shall be two (2) years with a limit of two (2) consecutive terms served in any one (1) office. Officer terms shall commence with the next meeting of the Board of Directors immediately following the annual election.

Board Members Job Descriptions
History of Board Members

Current Board Members:


Tianne Curtiss, CR, LMT


Tianne Curtiss is a Washington State Certified Reflexologist and Licensed Massage Therapist of 20+ years. She owns and operates Tenino Reflexology and Academy in Tenino Washington where she lives with her husband Randy and Apollo the cat. She is active in her local Lions Club and the Chair of The Oregon Trail Days Parade. She offers an apprenticeship program for reflexology, as well as classes and CEs for LMTs. She is a Life, Energy, and Essential oils Coach who leads group on-line classes as well as one to one coaching.
RF60394405/ MA00013133

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Administrative Secretary:  
Gisella Miller, NBCR
Gisella Miller is a Washington State Certified Reflexologist, a Reiki Master, and Intuitive Reader. She has a private practice in Snohomish WA. Gisella integrates her love and passion for essential oils, handmade balms, and crystal work to create a personalized and unique client experience. She is very excited to join the WRA board and looks forward to utilizing her skills to support and grow the Association.  RF# 61103582

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Membership Secretary:  

Michele Nagy, NBCR, LMT



Michele is a National Board Certified Reflexologist living in Bellingham WA. In her practice, she integrates several different modalities such as essential oils and singing bowls in order to best serve her clients. She loves to empower people to move toward a more natural and healthy way of living. She believes when we are in tune with nature, we are in tune with ourselves, with other people, and with the universe. Promoting the benefits of reflexology and the WRA is her passion. RF 60834031  MA61098380

Teri Hoskins Photo.jpg


Teri Hoskins, CR



Teri Hoskins became a certified reflexologist and opened a reflexology practice in March 1995. After studying at Seattle Reflexology and Massage Center, she continued to study with The International Institute of Reflexology. Her passion for the field took her to South Africa where she studied at The International School of Reflexology and Meridian Therapy. She started teaching reflexology in August 1997. In August of 2000, Teri was appointed the USA Director for an international reflexology school. She opened the first of these USA schools in Olympia, WA. She then branched out and oversaw three other campuses and school directors in Washington for eight years. Since resigning as the USA Director, she continues to teach reflexology and meridian therapy as it relates to reflexology and maintains a private practice in Olympia. 










WRA Committee Chairs

Committee/Chair –find contact info in  Membership for the website

Membership/Membership Secretary





Standards and Ethics


Nominations & Elections

Public Relations Events


Kathy Schmidt Memorial Fund

Board Members During Zoom Meeting 01/03/2022
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